Is This Ad for Jobs at KPA Legitimate?

An advertisement claiming to announce 4,189  job opportunities at the Kenya Ports Authority has been circulating on Facebook. The post has been published on Facebook pages such as the Political Debate Kenya page, Mombasa County Political Forum, Hustler Nation Official, and the Luo Nyanza Political Forum.


The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) is a government organization charged with managing and overseeing port operations across the country. The organization has hence created employment for Kenyans not only on its bases along Kenya’s coastline but also in its operations at inland depots in Embakasi, Eldoret and Kisumu areas.


The job ad that appears to have been shared on various Facebook groups by one Facebook user called Lilian Wekesa, has not been published on the official KPA Facebook page, Twitter account, or the KPA website.

At the same time, the Facebook account by the name Lilian Wekesa mostly contains job advertisements, including posts advertising non-existent jobs at the Kenya Breweries Limited, another fake ad for jobs at the National Youth Service, and one at the National Construction Authority which Piga Firimbi debunked.

According to the Facebook posts, applicants are required to send letters of application and CVs to the email; by December 18. This email address has a different domain name compared to those commonly used for official KPA purposes, which are expected to end with

Contrary to the application process on the Facebook ad, an application guide from the KPA website indicates that applying for KPA jobs online would first involve registering on the KPA e-recruitment portal. Moreover, the guide states that applicants direct their job application inquiries to the emails- and

A tweet published on the KPA official Twitter account on December 13 further warns that the Facebook ad is not legitimate.


The Facebook posts claiming to advertise job opportunities at the Kenya Ports Authority are FAKE.

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Linda Ngari

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