Did a Tanzanian MP Lose His Job after Struggling to Read His Oath?

A Facebook post states that a Tanzanian Member of Parliament lost his ministerial position after struggling to read his oath.


Tanzania held its general elections on October 20 with incumbent President John Pombe Magufuli winning by a landslide. According to a report by the Human Rights Watch, the Tanzanian elections were marred by serious abuses where at least four people were killed by the authorities. Magufuli’s main opponent, Tundu Lissu said that the election was fraudulent and called on the international community to reject the results.

President Magufuli presided over the swearing-in of his new cabinet on November 9.


Among those sworn in by President Magufuli was Francis Ndulane, as the Deputy Minister for Minerals. Mr. Ndulane is the Member of Parliament for Kilwa North area. In a video that was shared by various news outlets, including K-24 TV and The Address,  the president intervenes after the MP is unable to read his oath even after two chances of requesting Mr Ndulane to take a break.

A press statement issued by the Director of Communications at the State House stated that the president had appointed Prof Shukrani Manya as the new Deputy Minister for Minerals, replacing Francis Ndulane. The president further stated that Mr. Ndulane should continue serving his constituents in and out of parliament but also noted that the MPs academic credentials need to be verified.


The post indicating that a Tanzanian MP lost his ministerial position after struggling to read his oath is therefore TRUE.

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