Is Purported Upcoming Resort Mara Palacio Result Hiring an “Opening Team”?

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A Facebook post that has been widely shared claiming a resort by the name of Mara Palacio Resort is hiring as it plans to launch.


Unemployment rates in Kenya have continued to rise especially after the onset of COVID-19 which has left many people without jobs as many businesses close while others downsize. This has led to stiff competition for the few available jobs with thousands of people showing up for interviews and recruitments requiring fewer candidates.

The Facebook post interested many due to the attractive salaries and fair requirements and qualifications. 


The resort has a website and a Facebook page that look very professional. The website and Facebook page claim the resort is in Masai Mara Game Reserve but no specific address is provided.

A reverse search on some of the images on TinEye shows most of the images are originally from game reserves, resorts and lodges in South Africa such as & Beyond’s Phinda Rock Lodge and Mhondoro Safari Lodge & Villa.

A lookup of the website does not reveal ownership details of the domain but it is registered in Michigan, United States.

A Google search on the resort’s Facebook page ‘About’ statement shows that it was copied word for word from the Ngerende Island Lodge’s mission statement.

A check on their Facebook reviews shows that the resort does not exist and once someone applies, they are offered a job without even an interview. The starting date is then set for 2 or 3 days after the offer and the applicants are asked to send money ranging between Kshs 2000 to 4,000. Most have gone on to further say that the phones were disconnected after sending the money. A look at their Google reviews supports these claims as well as comments from the various posts on social media like the one below:


The claim that a resort by the name Mara Palacio Resort is about to start operations in the Maasai Mara and is hiring it’s opening team is a SCAM.

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