How we are funded

Piga Firimbi, is a product of Africa Uncensored focused on verification and fact checking. We see fact-checking as being an inherent component of the investigative reporting that Africa Uncensored does, and so Piga Firimbi is a natural extension of Africa Uncensored’s core mandate.

Africa Uncensored Limited is a limited company registered in Kenya in 2014 with the registration number CPR/2014/156560. Piga Firimbi was established as Africa Uncensored’s fact-checking initiative in 2020. Since its establishment, Piga Firimbi has championed the work of verification and fact-checking as a way for our audience to ensure that the information they consume is authentic and factual.

Africa Uncensored does not have any links or relationships of any kind with governments or politicians, but we do receive some funding from partnerships with international media development programmes, some of which are government- and taxpayer-funded.

In 2022, the bulk of Africa Uncensored’s funding came from grants, the largest of which were by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO), Ford Foundation and Luminate. 23% of our funding came from commercial partnerships. In 2023, commercial partnerships accounted for the largest share of funding at 31%, followed by grants from the Embassy of the Netherlands and Luminate.

Piga Firimbi is funded directly from Africa Uncensored’s finances, and we do not have any  relationships of any kind with governments, politicians or political parties.