Piga Firimbi, is a product of Africa Uncensored for our readers and the general public to access factual information on the validity of claims being made in news/media reports and on social media.

As the name indicates, blow the whistle on things and matters affecting you. This allows our team of journalists to comb through what really matters to our diverse audience in Kenya and across Africa.

Meet the fact-checking team

Linda is a fact-checking and data journalist. She is currently the Piga Firimbi editor. She is passionate about acquiring and utilising OSINT tools and skills to tell stories that matter to a modern day tech-savvy audience in innovative ways.

Nyakerario is a Kenyan writer and journalist with a passion for in-depth stories told through documentaries. She has an interest in reporting matters concerning health, crime and human rights.

Moffin is passionate about data and strives to find patterns, stories and leads by analyzing and interpreting datasets.