Is This Photo of Rigathi Gachagua With Former President Moi’s Family Legitimate?

This photo showing the Late President Daniel Moi’s family has been making rounds on social media since the beginning of this year. This tweet from February 21, 2021 claims to show Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua pictured in this family photo. The tweet claims that Rigathi Gachagua is President Moi’s son as seen in the photo. We establish whether this photo was altered from the original one.


‘Hustler’ and ‘Dynasty’ is a popular  divisive narrative  within the Kenyan political space. ‘Hustlers’ refer to the struggling population of Kenyans while the ‘Dynasties’ refer to the wealthy who have monopolised political competition in Kenya. This narrative is being popularised ahead of the 2022 general elections.


A reverse image search leads to a tweet shared by Kenyan Facts on April 28, 2015. In this archive photo, pictured is President Moi, his wife Lena Bommet and children; from left, Jonathan Kipkemioi, Jennifer Chemutai, John Mark, Doris Chekorir, Gideon Kipsielei, Philip Kipchirchir and Raymond Kipruto.

This photo, compared to the one in question, has had a couple of edits. First, it has been flipped to the opposite side. That is, the subjects in this photo are identified from the right. Secondly, the second last name; Philip Kipchirchir has been edited to; Rigathi Kiprono to suit the intention of these claims. Finally, the face of young Philip Kipchirchir, a retired Major of the Kenya Defense Forces, is evidently altered from an Error Level Analysis on Forensically.


This image showing Mathira Mp, Rigathi Gachagua pictured in President Moi’s old family photo is DOCTORED. 

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