Do These Images Show the State of Schools vs Churches in Kenya?

A tweet published on December 14 claims to show images comparing the state of school facilities to that of churches in Kenya. The tweet contains four images, two showing children in school uniforms, some seated on desks but most on the floor, another image shows a big church building and one image of a huge congregation in what seems to be a church.


Kenyans are predominantly religious, with over 85% of the population subscribing to the Christian faith and 11% being Muslim according to the 2019 census report. The report adds that out of the 85.5% Christians in Kenya, majority are protestants. “The five most populous ethnic affiliations were Kikuyu, Luhya, Kalenjin, Luo and Kamba,” the census reports states.


A Google image reverse search reveals that the photos shared on Twitter do not show schools and churches in Kenya.

A tweet with the same images was previously posted on December 13, except the text on the tweet stated that the images showed schools and churches in Nigeria.

According to a post published on the Eyeway news website on November 20, 2020 the image showing a big church building is of St. Theresa’s Catholic Church located in Nsukka area of Enugu State in Nigeria. Images of the church building were also published on Nairaland Forum website.

The image showing a large congregation is from the Dunamis Church in Abuja as revealed in a Google image reverse search. The image also previously featured on the Kemi Filani news site.

At the same time, images showing children in uniforms are also from Nigeria, as they were previously published on Nigerian-based websites. One of the photos illustrates the deplorable state of Ufa Primary School located in Edo State. Websites that have featured the images include the Linda Ikeji Blog, the 9jaflaver website, Omujuwa news site and The Messenger Voice.


The tweet claiming to compare the state of churches versus that of school facilities in Kenya is FALSE.

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