Did Citizen TV Share That 6 People Died After Playing the Trending Charlie Charlie Challenge?

The screenshot below is of a Facebook post claiming that Citizen TV reported that 6 people had died after trying out the Charlie Charlie game.


The Charlie Charlie game has become popular in recent days, trending on social media (especially Tik Tok and Instagram).

The game first became popular in 2015 as reported in the Washington Post after being shared on Instagram by a 17-year-old girl in Georgia.

The game had been played in Spanish-speaking countries for years. The re-emergence of the game has led to many rumours of deaths. This article by The Standard explains some of the rumours which have all been verified.


A search on Citizen TV’s website shows that no such story has ever been published by the media house.

A similar search on Twitter shows that there is no tweet from Citizen TV with the words “Charlie Charlie”.

The post seems to indicate that the tweet was posted in January 2021, though the exact date number is cut off at the bottom. Scrolling Citizen TV’s Twitter account reveals that no such post has been posted so far in January.


The claim that Citizen TV posted a tweet alleging that 6 people had died after playing the Charlie Charlie Game is FALSE.

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