Was Kenyan Man Photographed in US Capitol Hill Riots?

A tweet shared on January 8, 2021, claims that a Kenyan man was photographed at the Capitol Hill riots.

The post is accompanied by a screenshot from an article identifying the man as Jemmy Foster Otieno.


Supporters of United States President Donald Trump, in attempts to overturn his defeat in the November 2020 presidential election, stormed the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021, where they occupied, vandalized, and ransacked parts of the building for several hours.

Capitol Hill, in Washington D.C., is the meeting place of the US Congress and the seat of the legislative branch of the US federal government.

Five people have since been confirmed dead in the attempted insurrection against the US government.


An online search shows that the author of the post took a screenshot from an article originally published by Kenyan satirical website, PostaMate.

While the site clearly identifies itself as a satirical website, the Twitter account that published the post did not attribute the original source of the content, leading some people to take the information shared seriously.

The identity of the man in question, however, remains unknown and no major news outlet has reported on the same.


The post allegedly showing a Kenyan man who was photographed at the US Capitol Hill riots is SATIRICAL.

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