Does This Video Show Bandits in Kenya?

This video has been making rounds on the internet. It claims to show “Turkana and Pokot bandits“militia” conducting a “pass out parade.”


Banditry among Kenya’s pastoral communities is being fuelled by a number of issues, one that’s silently spoken about is the growing number of arms. In this publication by The Guardian, some are sophisticated, others are old-soviet or Chinese-manufactured AK-type rifles, while others are variants of the G3. Infiltration of these arms either through Kenya’s land borders the port through the Indian Ocean doesn’t seem to be stopping even with the government’s interventions. 

Banditry and cattle rustling in Kenya’s north is slowly becoming a major internal security concern. In February 2022, armed bandits attacked three buses with students from Tot Secondary School, Marakwet, injuring a number of students and passengers who were on board.

These attacks have been going on for a while now. The most recent was an attack on September 24, 2022 in Turkana East. 11 people were reported dead; 8 police officers, a chief, and two civilians. The eight were after Pokot bandits who had earlier made an attack in Turkana East and made away with livestock. 


This video shows Murle youth preparing for war with Dinka Bor and Nuer youths. According to a reverse image search, the earliest the video appeared on the internet was on August 4, 2020. In this video, the men can be heard chanting Dinka cultural songs as they prepare for war.


This video does NOT show bandits in Kenya.

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