Was Mukhisa Kituyi Summoned by EACC Over Corruption Allegations After Resigning From UNCTAD?

The screenshot above shows a tweet claiming that Mukhisa Kituyi was summoned by a parliamentary committee on corruption allegations immediately after he stepped down as the Secretary-General of UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development). The tweet also shows a local daily with the article claiming the summons were about a Kshs 12 million tender that cost the taxpayer Kshs 285 million.


Dr Mukhisa Kituyi became the 7th Secretary-General of UNCTAD on September 1, 2013, after which he was reappointed for a second 4-year term in July 2017. He formerly served as a member of parliament for Kimilili, Minister of Trade and Industry, consultant to the Africa Union among other roles in East Africa and Africa at large.

Dr Kituyi stepped down as UNCTAD Secretary-General in February 2021 with ambitions of running for president in Kenya’s 2022 election.


According to the Daily Nation on March 15, 2020, the Public Accounts Committee planned on summoning Dr Kituyi over a company by the name Tele-News Africa and Atlantic Region. The company was contracted in 2004 for Kshs 12 million by the Ministry of Trade to undertake consultancy services in advertising and promotion of business opportunities in Kenya on behalf of the government.

The company continued advertising despite the contract ending on June 9, 2004, with the firm having been paid for the 2 phases it was contracted for.

The Star further explains that Mukhisa Kituyi was cleared of any allegations, with a letter from the clerk of the National Assembly dated July 2, 2018saying Kituyi was not adversely mentioned in the deal.


The claim that Dr Mukhisa Kityi was summoned over corruption allegations immediately after resigning as the Secretary-General of UNCTAD is therefore FALSE.

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