Is This Form 34A From Bomani Primary Polling Station Legitimate?

This tweet claims that a polling station with 613 registered voters saw one of the presidential candidates garner 991 votes in Bomani School, Magarini constituency, Kilifi County.

The image went viral on platforms like Twitter and Facebook where it has numerous likes and retweets.


Election disputes in 2007 led to the death of at least 1,100 people and left another 650,000 displaced according to The Human Rights Watch. The 2017 election was also marred by irregularities hence the nullification of the results by the Supreme Court. The six judges presiding over the case found that the commission committed irregularities and illegalities in the transmission of results.


All submitted form 34A’s are uploaded on the IEBC portal. Upon checking the IEBC portal, Piga Firimbi found that the form shared online is indeed from Bomani Primary polling station in Kilifi County, stream 2. On this document, Raila Odinga is indeed recorded to have garnered 991 votes in a polling station that only registered 613 voters. See an image of the form 34A from Bomani Primary below.

However, on the form 34B submitted at Bomas Tallying Centre and later uploaded on the IEBC portal, the erroneous figure; 991 was rectified to 199 votes for presidential candidate Raila Odinga. See an image from the form 34B below.


The claim that a form 34A from Kilifi County shows 991 votes for Raila Odinga yet there were only 613 voters is TRUE.

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