Does This Image Show Beds Commissioned to Kawempe Hospital in Uganda?

A tweet believed to have been shared by Uganda’s Member of Parliament, Hon. Ssegirinya Muhammad, claims to show beds commissioned to the Kawempe North Hospital. A Facebook account with the same name shared the same image on June 18, 2021.


Amid a surge in COVID-19 cases, Uganda imposed a 42-day lockdown. Out of the 108 affected districts, Kampala and Wasiko are said to have been the most affected. Public and private transport is restricted within and across these districts. A pass is only given to cargo vehicles and essential service providers.


A couple of replies to these posts insist that these beds were commissioned to a hospital in Makueni, Kenya back in 2018.

A result from a reverse image search shows that images of these hospital beds were first shared on the internet by an account belonging to Makueni county’s governor Kivutha Kibwana. (See screengrab below).

On the same day, December 6, 2018, Citizen Tv Kenya shared the same image on their Facebook page. (see screengrab below)


NO, these beds were not commissioned to Kawempe National Hospital.

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