Is This Ad for Jobs at World Vision Kenya Legitimate?

An advertisement for jobs at the World Vision organization in Kenya is circulating on Facebook pages. The ad has been published on pages such as the Sponsorships, Travel and Volunteer Opportunities page, the Kenya Intern Teachers Association page and the Job Vacancies-Daily Updates page.

The post claims to advertise 14 positions to which applicants can allegedly apply from World Vision branches across all 47 counties in Kenya. Applicants are required to send their applications to the emails and by December 1, 2020.


World Vision is a global Christian humanitarian organization operating in different countries, therefore creating thousands of jobs for Kenyans and other citizens.

Piga Firimbi found that there has been a surge in online scams and conmanship during the COVID-19 pandemic and published a report here. Such scams include a fake advertisement for jobs at the Uganda Red Cross Society, which Piga Firimbi debunked here.

This video shows how you can avoid falling victim to such quacks.


The ad shared on Facebook pages has neither been shared on the official World Vision Facebook and Twitter accounts, nor its website.

Moreover, the poster circulating on Facebook is not consistent with official communication on World Vision platforms. For instance, the ad claims that the job vacancies advertised are apparently available in all World Vision branches across the 47 counties. However, information on the World Vision Kenya website indicates that the organization’s initiatives are spread across 37 counties.

The font used on the letterhead attached to the Facebook ad is also different from that used on the World Vision website. Also note that the word Vision, as designed on the ad’s letterhead is different from how it is designed on this poster that was published on the official World Vision Twitter account.

A screenshot of a legitimate poster by World Vision
A screenshot of the fake World Vision poster

Moreover, the emails and provided on the ad are not on the World Vision website. The domain name used on these emails differs from the domain name used by World Vision, which is, and not or

A public notice on the organization’s website warns that advertisements for vacant positions at World Vision are normally posted on the careers site found on the international website or support offices websites.

The Facebook ad was also declared fake via a tweet published on the World Vision Kenya account on November 27.


The Facebook posts claiming to advertise jobs at World Vision Kenya are FAKE.

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