Is This Website Impersonating Facebook and Giving Away Cash In Its Name Legitimate?

By Simon Muli

A website impersonating Facebook, and promises giveaways in its name. The domain name of the website is, which is not Facebook’s legitimate domain name,

The link to the impostor website directs to a page containing the branding of Facebook. The message on the webpage states that the giveaway is in celebration of Facebook’s 20th anniversary. However, the social media company was launched in 2004, meaning it has been in existence for 17 years and not 20 years as claimed.

The message on the webpage also asks users to fill out a questionnaire provided in order to stand a chance of winning Ksh 9,000. The questions touch on user knowledge of Facebook, age, opinion of the social media company, and gender.

After the user answers the questions, a congratulatory message appears on the screen informing them that their answers have been ‘successfully’ saved. However, the message contains another instruction that requires the user to select from a number of boxes provided to reveal their gifts. A disclaimer adds that the user is only allowed three attempts to open the boxes.

Choosing the ‘correct’ box brings a congratulatory message informing the user that they have won Ksh 9,000. Nonetheless, in order to redeem the gift, the user is required to inform five groups or 20 friends about the promotion.

After this, users are instructed to key in their address in order to complete their registration. Once this is done, a promissory message says the gift will be delivered to them within five to seven days.

Once the user accepts these conditions, another message appears with further instructions. Clicking on the ‘share’ icon will enable them to share the information about the promotion with five groups and 20 friends. — an indication that the giveaway could be a scam. The second instruction requires the user to click the ‘continue’ button to claim their prize.


There is no information about the giveaway on the social media company’s website, its Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Additionally, the WHOIS information of the impostor website was registered on 28 April 2021, in the US state of Arizona, and details about its ownership are hidden.

On the other hand, the WHOIS information of the legitimate Facebook website shows it was registered on 29 March 1997, and the organisation which owns the domain is Facebook Inc.


PesaCheck has looked into a website impersonating Facebook and promising to offer Ksh 9,000 cash prize in the name of the social media company and finds it to be a HOAX.

This story was produced by Africa Uncensored in partnership with Code for Africa with support from Deutsche Welle Akademie.

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