Do These Videos Show the Recent Protests in Kenya?

Videos shared on the internet claim to show protestors in different parts of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. This one, for instance, claims to show a crowd of protesters along Waiyaki Way. Another similar video shows someone being battered by police officers.


According to a report by BBC, at least one person was shot dead during the March 20, 2023 demonstrations in Nairobi. In one part of Nairobi’s informal settlement, Mathare, demonstrators were heard chanting anti-government slogans against the sitting President William Ruto. 


The first video showing a crowd of protesters allegedly marching from Waiyaki Way towards the Kenya International Convention Centre (KICC) was actually taken in South Africa. This reverse image search placed this video in East London during South Africa’s #EFFNationalShutdown protests on March 20, 2023. Further, a search with ‘East London’ on Twitter, brings up the same video published by MDN TV. 

The other video showing a man being battered by police officers in the CBD was in fact taken in 2016. This reverse image search shows an analysis of the same video during Press Review, a breakfast show broadcasted on KTN.


Claims that the videos show the recent opposition-led demonstrations in Nairobi are FALSE

This fact-check was edited by Piga Firimbi Fact-Checking Editor Linda Ngari.

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