Is This Video From UDA Nominations in Bomet as Alleged?

This video does not show chaos at UDA Nominations in Bomet, it is from Indonesia.

Under the hashtag #UDANominations, this tweet that claimed to show what supposedly took place in Bomet County contains a video of people running about in what appears to be a scene of violence and chaos.


The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party primaries are underway. The party whose flagbearer is presidential candidate William Ruto communicated that it would kick off its nominations on Thursday, April 14 2022, with 13 counties nominating a gubernatorial candidate to run under the UDA Party ticket, 18 counties nominating senatorial candidates, and 28 counties nominating a UDA woman representative hopeful among other seats as indicated in the statement issued on April 13, 2022 here.


Reverse image searches of keyframes drawn from an InVid search of the video show that the video was earliest uploaded on April 11, 2022. Piga Firimbi also found that these initial uploads on YouTube contained captions posted in Indonesian language, like this one, whose caption according to a search on Google translate would mean ‘riots that ended tragically’.

A report on the DW news website indicates that students in Indonesia have been protesting since Monday, April 11, 2022 against a rise in food prices and President Joko Widodo’s rumored plan to hold on to power in defiance of the stipulated two-term limit.

This, together with the hashtag #demontrasi (Indonesian for demonstration) which was tagged on some of the earliest publications of the video like this one indicates that the video is from Indonesia, not Bomet as alleged. A Twitter analysis of #demontrasi on the Social Bearing tool further proves that the video is from Indonesia, as a hundred percent of the tweets are written in Indonesian language.


Nonetheless, the UDA nominations began on April 14 yet the video had already existed online by April 11 indicating that the claim alleging that it showed events that took place over UDA nominations is untrue.


The tweet claiming to show a video of chaos that occurred at UDA Nominations in Bomet county is FALSE.

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