Does This Video Show People Set on Fire in Uganda?

“M7 ND [sic] his wife has taken to Karamoja by killing the people in that land because of the minerals in it,” reads a tweet shared on December 5, 2021. With a gruesome video of charred bodies, it further added, “people are dying because of the dictator who isn’t even a citizen of Uganda.”

Does this video have any connection with mineral deposits found in Karamoja, North Eastern Uganda?


True to this tweet, Karamoja is defined by its richness in mineral deposits of limestone, silver, gold, iron, ore, and marble. In this report by Karamoja Development Forum, 64% of the land is under mining concessions. But mining in this region, “has increasingly become a source of conflicts among the different actors participating in the sector.”

In March 2021, Uganda’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development launched an airborne geophysical survey of Karamoja region. A project that cost the government 80 billion. This survey will, among others, add to the already existing minerals. It also looks to discover more mineral deposits and increase revenues from royalties and equally create more job opportunities.


The video, just as in this tweet, has previously been used in the spread of misinformation as in this Fact-check that claimed Nigerian soldiers had set bandits on fire in Zamfara State. Piga Firimbi established that this video is actually from Tanzania. The incident happened in Msamvu, Tanzania after a fuel tanker exploded while residents of this area tried to siphon petrol from it.

On August 10, 2019, almost 60 people died in Morogoro, Tanzania while siphoning oil from an overturned tanker. According to this article by Aljazeera, most of the people who died from this explosion were mainly boda boda riders (drivers of motorcycle taxis).


This video claiming to show charred bodies in Uganda is FALSE.

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