FALSE: This video Does Not Show Malnourished Children in Turkana

By Rodgers Omondi 

The video was taken in Serere, Eastern Uganda, in 2008.

video shared on Facebook purporting to show malnourished children in Kenya’s Turkana County in November 2022 is FALSE.

The video was shared online on 5 November 2022 with a text accusing Turkana County leaders of sidelining their electorate.

The accompanying text reads: “Turkana County has received 130B which has sunk into some people’s pockets. This has made me shed tears this morning. Their leaders live in Nairobi, they have bought the entire Kilimani and Westlands, and they have mansions in leading suburbs as their subjects die from starvation. Shame on us Kenyans! Their dogs feed better than these humans. Sad is an understatement #Kenyans4Kenyans, please donate any surplus you have to these people.”

Turkana is one of the areas hit by a drought that has left hundreds of thousands of people starving.

In early November, the government rolled out a relief food donation programme, to mitigate the impact of the drought in the county.

But, is the video of malnourished children in Turkana County in November 2022?

We ran the video on Invid and got keyframes, which we subjected to a Bing reverse search.

The search showed the video was taken in Serere, eastern Uganda, and not Turkana, as alleged.

According to the text on the original video, the clip is part of a scene from the film The Fragrant Spirit of Life taken in 2008 by a team from San Damiano Foundation.

PesaCheck has looked into a video shared on Facebook claiming to show malnourished children in Turkana County, Kenya, in November 2022 and finds it to be FALSE.

This post is part of an ongoing series of PesaCheck fact-checks examining content marked as potential misinformation on Facebook and other social media platforms.

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