OLD VIDEO: Video Showing Floods in Turkey Is Actually From 2021

An Italian weather news website published a post on March 17, 2023, as archived Here. The post contains an image captioned: “There is no peace in Turkey, in the earthquake area now also floods with other victims. Flooding triggered by torrential rains in Turkey affected 2 provinces devastated by the February 6 earthquake, killing 10 people [sic].”


Turkey indeed experienced an earthquake on February 6, 2023. This was followed by subsequent earthquakes on February 20, and February 27. At least 50,000 people were killed by the earthquakes. Shortly after the earthquakes, the country experienced fatal floods. However, the climate crises in Turkey have come along with misinformation as Piga Firimbi has previously debunked various images and videos shared online with claims that they show the situation in Turkey.

A TikTok post debunked Here for instance used a video from floods that ocurred in Saudi Arabia in 2022 to claim that they occurred in Turkey recently. Piga Firimbi debunked a similar claim Here.


Image reverse searches bring up results of the same video, as published in 2021. While the video is indeed from Turkey, it is not from flooding that followed the February 6, 2023 earthquake in Turkey as claimed on the TikTok post.

According to an article published on June 22, 2021 by Turkish news website Halk TV, the video is from Turkey’s Eastern Black Sea Region. Halk TV also published a Facebook post of the same video on the same day.


The article claimed to show a video of floods in Turkey in March 2023 is MISLEADING.

This fact-check was produced by Africa Uncensored with support from Code for Africa’s PesaCheck, the International Fact-Checking Network, and the African Fact-Checking Alliance network.

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