Has the Ugandan Electoral Commission Issued Separate Voting Dates for Different Presidential Candidates?

A Facebook post published on January 10 claims that the Electoral Commission of Uganda allegedly announced separate voting dates for different presidential candidates in order to supposedly curb the spread of COVID-19.


The Ugandan Electoral Commission declared January 14, 2021, as the appointed date for the presidential and parliamentary elections. There are 11 candidates contesting for the president’s seat.

A tweet published on the Twitter Public Policy account on January 12, indicated that internet service providers in Uganda were ordered to block social media and messaging apps ahead of the polling date.

Some social media users have previously shared misleading information about the elections, including the circulation of fake ballot paper images and false information on voter registration which Piga Firimbi looked into.


There is no information regarding a change in polling dates on the electoral commission’s official Twitter, Facebook accounts as well as its website which have routinely been updating citizens about the upcoming general elections. There is also no media report on the alleged change of dates.

On the contrary, the commission’s media and public relations manager Paul Bukenya on January 10 reiterated that the presidential and parliamentary elections will be held on January 14, and urged the public to ignore claims suggesting other dates.

At the same time, tweets published on the commission’s account on January 11 and January 12 also declared the claims of different polling dates as fake.


Claims that the Electoral Commission of Uganda has announced separate voting dates for different presidential candidates are FALSE.

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