Does This Image Show the UDA Rally in Narok?

This image was shared by a user claiming that the crowd in the picture are UDA (United Democratic Alliance) supporters gathered at a rally in Narok.


As the presidential race picks up and general elections draw closer, misinformation online is worsening. Disinformation through image and video manipulation in particular is becoming rampant on all social media platforms. In a previous fact-check here, Piga Firimbi, found that Raila Odinga Junior posted an image from 2017 to falsely mislead the public that a 2022 rally in Mombasa was crowded.


A reverse search on the image revealed that it appeared online at a much earlier date. 

Although misrepresented countless times, it is apparent that it was taken at a football match, not a political rally. The earliest source of the picture is an online shop based in Germany that deals in sportswear and football memorabilia. It states that the photo was taken on August 6, 2011, at a match between Borussia Dortmund and Hamburger SV on Matchday 1 of the 2011/12 Bundesliga season. See screen grab below.

Actual photos from William Ruto’s May 28 rally in Narok were uploaded on his official Twitter handle. See screen grab below.


The image claimed to have been taken at a UDA rally in Narok is MISLEADING.

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