Does This Photo Show a Crowded Train Station in Kharviv, Ukraine?

This image in black and white claims to show the evacuation of war victims from Kharviv in Ukraine. In this fact-check, Piga Firimbi establishes the originality of this image.


Over time, a number of images have been making rounds on the internet. Some accurately showed the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, while others shared images and videos with missing contexts. Some of these have been checked by Piga Firimbi. 

Discrimination finds its way into such crises. One for instance that sparked strong reactions is a viral video that shows foreign students blocked, as they tried to board a train from Ukraine.


A colored version of this image came up from a reverse image search. Between March 6, and March 16, 2022. Tineye, a reverse image search tool gives results of two versions of this photo. A colored one published by the Daily Mail and another in black and white from a similar search on Yandex.

According to the Daily Mail, this mass of civilians fleeing Kharviv crowded the station, all desperate for an opportunity to leave the country. 

The same image featured by Snopes in a fact-check shows that this photo was indeed taken in Kharviv. Attributing NPR’s Tim Mak, Snopes says, Tim was one of the first people to share this image online. 


It is TRUE, this image shows civilians in Kharkiv railway station, trying to flee Ukraine. 

This story was produced by Africa Uncensored in partnership with Code for Africa with support from Deutsche Welle Akademie.

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