Does This Image Show Teenagers Preparing for Electoral Violence as Claimed?

By Alphonce Wadenya 

This post of teenagers carrying bows and arrows claims to show the Kalenjin community allegedly preparing teenagers for electoral violence ahead of the General elections in August. 


According to the National Cohesion And Integration Commission (NCIC) Kenya’s Conflict Hotspot Mapping For Kenya 2022 report, elections in Kenya have been violent since 1992. This is as a result of ethnic and regional alignments in political parties.

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission is seeking to transform elections in Kenya. The commission is calling on youth to avoid politicians using them as goons for hire.

Neighbourliness, a sense of unity and community are encouraged during the elections. The commission’s peace sensitization campaign, “Penda Jirani is the vehicle being used to achieve a peaceful electoral process.


A reverse image search of the image reveals that the image was part of a 2014 photo essay titled “Archers for Peace“. Dai Kurokawa is the credited photographer. 

An article with the photo tells the story of Dinah Hellen Chebitwey. An Early Childhood Education Program Officer working in West Pokot County. Chebitwey taught Pokot boys in Alale archery. She did this to keep them from fighting raiders and cattle rustlers.

A screenshot from the ‘Archers for Peace’ essay


The image claiming to show the Kalenjin community preparing teenagers for electoral violence is FALSE

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