Is This Image of Sakaja Graduating Legitimate?

This tweet claims to show a picture of Nairobi gubernatorial candidate Johnson Sakaja in graduation regalia carrying a graduation booklet seemingly from Team University.


In the Elections Act, all gubernatorial candidates are required to present a degree from a recognized institution for clearance. Johnson Sakaja’s academic credentials have been under scrutiny in the recent past. 

A Nation Africa report revealed that after an inquest into Sakaja’s academic qualifications was launched, the University of Nairobi edited their website twice before removing his name from its  list of notable alumni on June 14, 2022. Sakaja was indeed admitted to the prestigious university to pursue Actuarial Science but never completed his studies.


A reverse search on the image circulating revealed that it was manipulated. Sakaja’s face was photoshopped onto the original image. In the original image, the graduate holds a graduation booklet from The University of Nairobi while in the manipulated image the booklet is from Team University. See screen grab below.


The image claiming to show Sakaja graduating from Team University is FAKE.

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