Is This Facebook Ad for Jobs at Quickmart Legitimate?

An advertisement circulating on Facebook claims to announce job vacancies at Quickmart Supermarket.

The ad, which states that Quickmart is allegedly enrolling new staff members in January 2021, requires applicants to submit their CVs to the email The post advertises different positions across various counties, promising salaries of up to Kshs 75,500.

The same ad has been published on several Facebook platforms including the Mombasa City Job Vacancies(MCJV) group and the Jobs Kenyan Abroad account.


Quickmart is one of Kenya’s leading supermarkets, with 36 stores across the country. It is locally owned and run, offering hundreds of job opportunities to Kenyans. The supermarket has gained national repute over the years, making many vulnerable to potential fraud from impostors who use the Quickmart brand name.


The job advertisement shared on Facebook has not been published on any of Quickmart’s official platforms which include their Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as the Quickmart website. At the same time, the email address where applicants are directed to submit their CVs does not have the Quickmart -which would ideally be used for an email for official purposes such as employee recruitment.

The Facebook ad also lists over 30 locations in which Quickmart Supermarket is supposedly hiring. However, information on the Quickmart website states that the 36 Quickmart branches are only found in 4 regions in Kenya. There is no announcement on the supermarket’s Twitter and Facebook accounts or its website indicating that it will be launching stores in the locations mentioned on the Facebook ad.

Responding to our message, Quickmart Supermarket said that they are not advertising any job opportunities at the moment.

Piga Firimbi has previously looked into similar fake job advertisements said to come from Naivas Supermarket, Coca-Cola as well as the Kenya Pipeline Authority (KPA).


The Facebook posts claiming to advertise jobs at Quickmart Supermarket are FAKE.

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