Is This Promotion Claiming That Co-operative Bank Is Offering Sh9,000 in Its 55th Anniversary Legitimate?

This link shared on WhatsApp claims that Co-operative Bank is giving out cash prizes of Sh9,000 in celebration of its 55th anniversary.

Some of the questions a participant is required to answer include their knowledge on Co-operative Bank, their age and gender. Finally, the survey asks that you select a gift box that would supposedly give you a chance to win. 


First, the URL prefix of this link is not authentic. This particular one starts with http:// contrary to https:// which would represent a legitimate URL address. 

Upon running the link circulating on WhatsApp on the WhoIs platform, it is evident that the website was created on November 9, 2020 with as its domain name.

A screenshot from the WhoIs search

However, Co-operative Bank’s official website was created on December 2, 2003 with as its domain name.

A screenshot from a WhoIs search of Co-operative Bank’s official website

This advertisement was further flagged as fake via Co-operative Bank’s official Twitter page. The tweet warns against disclosing or participating in the survey circulating and disassociates itself from the promotion.

Piga Firimbi has previously looked into a similar claim, alleging that Safaricom had been running a promotion where participants would be awarded Sh9,000 in celebration of Safaricom’s 30th anniversary. This fact-check was published here. The Safaricom scam came up a few weeks after an identical scam claiming that the Shell company was giving Sh9,000 cash prizes for its 130th anniversary.


Promotions claiming that Co-operative Bank is giving away Sh9,000 cash prizes on its 55th anniversary are FAKE.

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