Uhuru’s Madaraka Speech: What Are the Actual Statistics on Broadcast Media for 2013 and 2022?

When delivering his speech at the 59th Madaraka Day celebrations, President Uhuru Kenyatta lauded the successful transition from analogue to digital television and radio during his tenure.

“It is in the tenure of this administration that we successfully transitioned from analogue to digital television and radio, resulting in the country being home to 130 TV stations up from 14 in 2013; and 204 radio stations up from 130 in 2013.”

President Uhuru’s speech reported the number of television and radio stations in the country as 130 and 204 respectively. According to the KNBS Economic Survey 2022, the number of television stations in Kenya is 142 while the number of radio stations in the country is 204. See screengrab below.

Thus the statistics for the year 2022, on television stations in the country are INACCURATE.

The President reported that the number of television and radio stations in the country in 2013 was 14 and 130 respectively. This is TRUE as the KNBS Economic Survey 2015 shows that there were indeed 14 television stations and 130 radio stations in the country in 2013. See screengrab below. 

The transition from analog to digital in Kenya happened in February 2015. This left around 90% of the Kenyan population with blank screens according to a report by Deutsche WelleAccording to the Sector Statistics Report by the Communications Authority of Kenya, for the first quarter of the financial year 2013/14, during this period 25 TV channels had been activated on the digital platform.

The tally of TV stations as presented at President Uhuru’s Madaraka Day speech is MOSTLY TRUE.

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