Did President Ruto Vow to Defy the Court as Claimed?

A post by Kenya Report on Facebook claims to quote President William Ruto supposedly saying “I will deduct Sh2,000 from workers to help me achieve my goals whether the court likes it or not.” This is followed by the statement: Ruto now vows to disobey the court. A link is attached which leads to the story on the Kenya Report website. Stories with the same claim have been published here, here and here.


The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) was established in 1965 by an Act of Parliament. Contributions to NSSF are deducted from employee’s salaries at a rate of 200 shillings per month and intended to act as a buffer to the member upon retirement. According to the NSSF website, contributions are dependent on one’s monthly wage but pegged at 5% of their monthly income. However, the minimum contribution is 200 shillings which is what is deducted by most employers and remitted to NSSF.

President William Ruto is on record stating that savings to NSSF should be reviewed. This is not the first time the government wants to increase contributions. In 2019 the government was in talks with workers’ unions to have the contributions increased to Sh1080.

With regards to the recent calls to have the contributions increased to 2000 shillings, the high court halted the process terming it unconstitutional.


Speaking during a thanksgiving prayer session at Statehouse on September 25, President William Ruto made reference to the matter of increasing NSSF contributions and the court ruling that halted the plans. 

This is what he said: “…I know there was a ruling this week by the court on matters to do with savings in our country, they have told us to do certain things including to go back to the senate so that we can proceed together; that we are going to do because saving is a must… I am very clear, I am very keen and I’m sure we’ll be working with our members of parliament and members of senate, national assembly so that we can provide the framework for Kenya to save…” 

In the post and articles linked, they quote the President as saying, “I will deduct Sh2,000 from workers to help me achieve my goals whether the court likes it or not.” However, this is not featured anywhere in his speech.


The claim that Ruto vowed to disobey the court is FALSE.

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