Do These Polling Stations Exist?

A message circulating on WhatsApp claims to list non-existent polling stations.

The post states that Sinendet Primary School, Chepkutum Primary School, Belgut Primary School, Tinderet Primary School, Jarok Primary School and Ministry of Water Tanks in Mombasa are polling stations do not exist.


Following IEBC chair Wafula Chebukati’s declaration of William Ruto as president-elect on August 15, 2022, nine petitions were filed at the Supreme Court challenging the results. Out of the petitions filed, seven were consolidated by the court.

On the first day of the hearing on August 30, 2022, the Supreme Court ordered an immediate recount of ballot boxes in 15 polling stations. The recount and scrutiny of the ballot boxes should be concluded and a report presented to the Supreme Court by 2 pm September 1, 2022.


A look into the IEBC forms portal and the list of gazetted polling stations shows that Chepkutung Primary School is a polling station in Belgut Constituency, Kericho County. See screen grabs below.

Sinendet Primary School is also listed as a polling center in Nandi Hills Constituency, Nandi County in the IEBC gazette notice with a total of 406 registered voters.

The Tinderet CONMO in Nandi County mentioned in the claim is listed as Tinderet Primary School in the IEBC gazette and IEBC forms portal. It has a total of 362 registered voters. See screen grabs below.

Belgut Primary School is listed in the IEBC gazette as a polling station in Bomet East Constituency. A form 34A from the polling center was uploaded on the IEBC portal. See screen grab below.

Piga Firimbi could not find a polling station by the name Jarok Primary School in Nyandarua on IEBC’s list of gazetted polling centers. This appears to have been a spelling error, seeing as a polling center by the name Ol Joro Orok Primary School in Ol Jororok Constituency, Nyandarua County exists. See the screen grab below.

Finally, the Ministry of Water Tanks is a polling center in Jomvu, Mombasa County, listed in the gazette notice with 614 registered voters. A form 34A from the polling center is also available on the IEBC forms portal. See the screen grab below.


Claims that Sinendet Primary School, Chepkutung Primary School, Belgut Primary School, Tinderet Tea Primary School, and Ministry of Water Tanks polling centers are non-existent are FALSE.

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