Is This Poll Analysis From Nation Africa?

By Alice Beryl Auma

This image claims to show a deputy presidential poll purportedly from Nation Africa, it has raised questions and has also been shared on various Twitter accounts. The poll on the most preferred deputy presidential candidate puts Martha Karua ahead at 56% while rival Rigathi Gachagua is trailing at 44%.


Algorithmic amplification is the new technique used to get public views and opinions on various social media platforms. Online polls have gained popularity and are being used as a tool for gauging public viewpoint to understand who would be popular at the ballot box.

Polls have several effects on voting patterns such as; the Bandwagon Effect which is basically the winning side mentality, the Underdog Effect which is the sympathy vote, unlike the Boomerang Effect which looks into the confidence in your candidate and lastly we have the strategic voting effect that basically compels one to vote logically.

Fake news and disinformation surrounding Kenya’s upcoming election are increasingly being fought online on various social media platforms as polls are generated trying to put their preferred candidates in the lead. Such polls have previously been flagged by Piga Firimbi here.


Nation Africa flagged the poll as fake through its verified Twitter account and urged the public to ignore it as it denotes doctored polls spreading false information.


The deputy presidential poll claiming to be from Nation is FAKE.

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