Are These Photos of Jubaland Militia Spotted Heading To Mandera Town?

Claims that Jubaland militia were spotted heading to Mandera town on the 5th of March 2020 have been shared online with accompanying images of uniformed armed soldiers.


Somali troops reported to have been camping in Bula Hawa planning a raid to capture a fugitive Jubaland minister said to be hiding in Mandera town, clashed with a regional militia leading to an outbreak of heavy gunfire and explosions.

This led to there being tension in the neighbouring Mandera Town of Kenya due to fears of the clashes spilling over. Soldiers were deployed to the town to be on guard. Reports indicate that calm has been restored in Mandera since.


A Google reverse search of the first image with soldiers in a pickup shows that it appeared on Gedo Times on 13th February 2016 with the headline “Mamulka Ceel buur : Waxaan Dilnay Sarkaal Al- Shabab ah” which directly translates to “El-mountain administration: We have killed an Al-Shabaab official”

The second image search of armed soldiers in a convoy on Yandex, a verification tool, shows it was used in an article on the 18th of August 2018 with the headline “Jenaraal Caanood oo la baxsaday gaadiid dagaal iyo ciidamo tiro badan” which directly translates to “General Anod escaped with military vehicles and numerous troops”.

The commander, General Abdullahi Ali Anod was travelling in a convoy with senior military officials when a roadside bomb exploded between Shalanbod and K-60 areas in Lower Shabelle region. He escaped unhurt.


The images in circulation purporting to show Jubaland militia on their way to Mandera town are FALSE.

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