Are Over 27 Counties in Kenya Affected by Drought as Alleged?

This tweet claims that more than 27 Kenyan counties are affected by drought.


The month of October 2022 saw parts of Kenya experiencing droughts that affected more than four million people according to a report on the reliefweb platform. The report that originates from the ASAL Humanitarian Network adds that the current droughts are the worst ever experienced in the country.


The National Drought Management Authority, which is the official government body with the mandate to exercise overall coordination over all matters relating to drought risk management in the country issued a statement in October 2022. This statement highlighted the drought situation in the country, citing all key facts and figures.

The statement declared that 23 counties in Kenya are affected by drought. This figure is quoted in credible media reports like Citizen TV here and here as well as The Star news website here. There is no credible source indicating that the drought in Kenya has affected more than 27 counties.


The claim that the drought in Kenya affected more than 27 counties is FALSE.

This fact-check was produced by Africa Uncensored with support from Code for Africa’s PesaCheck, International Fact-Checking Network, and African Fact-Checking Alliance network.

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