OLD PHOTO: Image by Senator Cherargei Showing Luthuli Avenue is from 2019

Attached to this tweet is an image claiming to depict live scenes from the Nairobi Central Business District during the Wednesday, July 12, 2023, demonstrations. The post was from Nandi County Senator Kiprotich Cherargei’s official Twitter handle.

This image was shared to make it seem like the ongoing demonstrations only affect the opposition strongholds like Kisumu and Migori.


Kenyans took to the streets again on July 12, 2023, to protest against the taxes proposed in the Finance Act. Several parts of the country were brought to a standstill as the police engage the protesters. 


A Google Reverse Image search shows that the image was previously uploaded on July 29, 2019.


The claim that the image supposedly shows scenes along Luthuli Avenue on July 12, 2023 is MISLEADING.

This fact-check was edited by Piga Firimbi Fact-Checking Editor Linda Ngari.

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