Did Njeru Kathangu Accuse Rigathi Gachagua of Nyayo House Tortures?

This image shows a post supposedly from Njeru Kathangu accusing Kenya Kwanza’s Rigathi Gachagua of being one of the Nyayo House torturers.

The post claims that Gachagua was present at the Nyayo House torture chamber where he handed a list of questions to James Opiyo; making Gachagua an accessory to the crimes against humanity committed at the time.

“Later on, a mean-looking young man walked in and handed him [James Opiyo] a list of questions to ask us. That young man was none other than Mr Rigathi Gachagua, who threw menacing eyes at us and banged the door as he left,” the post reads.


Former Runyenjes MP Njeru Kathangu is one of Kenya’s second liberation heroes. The first liberation was the war that led to attaining independence against colonial rule while the second liberation was the struggle for human rights and a new constitution, under President Daniel Arap Moi’s regime. Kathangu was arrested on July 11, 1990, alongside former Kitutu Masaba MP George Anyona and Prof. Ngotho Kariuki. The trio was detained for 15 days at Nyayo House where they were tortured.


In a phone interview, Njeru Kathangu confirms that he was indeed a Nyayo House detainee. He however denies claims that he saw Gachagua at that time.

“I have got absolutely nothing related to Gachagua. The people who got involved were torturers and characters involved in violent interrogation. I never saw Gachagua when I was detained in Nyayo House. I only heard of him when he was MP,” Kathangu said.

When asked whether he was the one who shared the post Kathangu said;

“It is not me who posted and if you look at the picture which is in the icon it is George Anyona’s picture, not mine and number two they are calling me Njeru Wa Gathangu, that is not my name. I am Njeru Kathangu.”

Piga Firimbi found Kathangu’s Twitter account under the username Mtumishi Kathangu here and his Facebook page bearing the same username here. Both accounts bear his picture in the profile.

The former Runyenjes MP also dismissed the post as fake in an interview with The Standard. He revealed that the torture chambers were dark and he couldn’t make out any faces. The only individual he could identify was James Opiyo.

Previous attempts at besmirching Gachagua have been debunked by Piga Firimbi here.


The post purportedly by Njeru Kathangu claiming that Gachagua was one of the torturers at Nyayo House is FAKE.

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