DOCTORED: This Video Showing Niger’s Prime Minister Berating President Ruto Is Fabricated

A post on Twitter (archived here) contains a video that shows Niger’s Prime Minister, Ouhoumoudou Mahamadou, with President Ruto during the Dakar 2 Summit in Senegal.

In the video, Mahamadou appears to say (to Ruto), “I want you [to] go back to your country and fix your country. The leader of opposition is crying hard that you stole his votes. Go back to your country and fix your country. Peace in your country is more powerful than this summit of feeding Africa.” The video was also shared on YouTube here.


The Dakar 2 Summit, also known as The Africa Food Summit, is an initiative of the Africa Development Bank. The summit held this year between 25 to 27 January is intended to address food insecurity in Africa by bringing together governments, the private sector, multilevel organizations, NGOs and scientists to discuss measures to mitigate hunger and food insecurity. The summit was hosted in Senegal by His Excellency Macky Sall, Senegal’s President and chairperson of the African Union and President Ruto was in attendance

Meanwhile, dust has not settled on the contested 2022 elections with the Azimio coalition claiming that they have evidence to show the presidential results were bungled. This is despite the September 5,2022 Supreme Court ruling that upheld President Ruto’s win.


A search of the Dakar 2 Summit (from the background banner) on YouTube, leads to several videos of the event including this one that shows the full speeches. Niger’s Prime Minister speaks between 31:03 to 36:02 in a panel session. Mahamadou, speaking in French, talks about the country’s agricultural preparedness and the measures Niger has put in place to tackle agricultural shortcomings facing the country.

A keen analysis of the audio and lip-sync of the Twitter video shows that audio and lip movements are out of sync, a key indicator of edited videos and deep fakes.


The video showing Niger’s Prime Minister berating President William Ruto is DOCTORED.

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