Is This Ad for Over 9,000 Jobs at NHIF Legitimate?

A post shared on Facebook claims to be advertising more than 9,000 jobs at Kenya’s National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF).


NHIF is a government parastatal commissioned to provide medical insurance to all Kenyans since 1966.

Such renowned government organizations as NHIF have been a target for job scams as Piga Firimbi has previously debunked fake job advertisements at the Ministry of Defense, the Kenya Ports Authority and the National Construction Authority.


The job advertisement shared on Facebook does not appear on the NHIF website or the NHIF Facebook and Twitter accounts, where the organization would ideally share such information. The careers page on the NHIF website shows that there are currently no vacancies.

Piga Firimbi also found that the Facebook ad for jobs at NHIF is a replication of a similar fake job ad that circulated in July 2019. The only difference is the application deadline, which was changed to February 14, 2021 from July 25, 2019.

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NHIF declared that it is not associated with the job advertisement.

Such posts have previously been used to attract job seekers to con artists who end up asking applicants to pay before they can get the non-existent jobs. It is important to note that job ads only posted on social media accounts besides the accounts belonging to the particular organization and also not published on the organization’s website are often not legitimate.


The post claiming to advertise over 9,000 job opportunities at NHIF is FAKE.

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