Does This Image Show the Ngara Roundabout?

An image published on Twitter on October 15 is said to show the Ngara roundabout in Nairobi County. This image was also posted by human rights activist and author Boniface Mwangi on October 14, whose tweet contains two images to demonstrate how the Ngara roundabout was transformed.



There have been recent efforts to revamp Nairobi County, especially in the Central Business District area (CBD). This initiative is run by the government of Kenya through the Nairobi Metropolitan Services. Among the notable projects by NMS has been the facelift on pedestrian pathways along the CBD, which is reported to be a move that would eventually force public service vehicles (matatus) out of CBD.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko similarly initiated a program set to beautify the city, which included the infamous lion statue.

Governor Sonko’s predecessor Evans Kidero also played his role in the beautification process, with what was popularly known as the ‘Kidero grass’ being among the most memorable projects. Governor Kidero had initiated the planting of grass along the streets of Nairobi shortly before the then US President Barack Obama made his grand visit to Kenya in 2015.


The ‘Kidero grass’ was however not the only project Governor Kidero initiated towards revamping Nairobi. According to a report published by The Standard in January 2016, Governor Kidero set out to launch a rigorous cleaning program in Nairobi City for 45 days. The report reveals that the program would cost Ksh 1million for each of the 45 days. Ngara roundabout is mentioned in the report as one of the areas where the clean-up would take place.

A Google image reverse search reveals that images of the refurbished Ngara roundabout surfaced online in November 2016. The roundabout that was previously filled with trash had been cleaned up, reconstructed and adorned with grass.


A tweet containing an image that is said to show the Ngara roundabout is TRUE.

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