Is Naivas Giving $3000 on its 30th Anniversary?

This link claims to show a Naivas Supermarket promotion that promises $3000 (KSh329,790) to participants, in celebration of Naivas’ 30th anniversary.


Piga Firimbi recently looked into a similar claim, alleging that Safaricom had been running a promotion where participants would be awarded Ksh9,000 in celebration of Safaricom’s 30th anniversary. This fact-check was published here. The Safaricom scam came up a few weeks after an identical scam claiming that the Shell company was giving Sh9,000 cash prizes for its 130th anniversary.

Such hoaxes have been on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic, and seem to follow a similar pattern as explained in this feature titled ‘COVID-19 and the Proliferation of Lockdown Relief Package Scams’.


The promotion circulating online does not appear on Naivas Supermarket’s official Twitter or Facebook account nor its website.

In a tweet published on the verified Naivas Supermarket account, the public was cautioned to beware as the promotion is a scam.

A WhoIs search of the link circulating further shows that it is invalid or unsupported.

A screenshot of the WhoIs search



Promotions claiming that Naivas Supermarket is issuing $3000 on its 30th anniversary are FAKE.

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