Does This Image Show Muthurwa Market During the July Demonstrations?

Attached to this tweet is an image claiming to show the situation at Muthurwa Market as demonstrations were ongoing. The author also adds that the traders who allegedly hail from the Kikuyu and Luo communities vowed to continue with their business despite “threats from Azimio”.


On July 19, 2023, it was not business as usual in the country as Kenyans took to the streets to demonstrate against the high cost of living. Day schools in Nairobi, Kisumu, and Mombasa remained closed.


A Google Reverse image search redirects back to this article as published on March 21, 2019. The image is attached to an article on the role of constant market surveys in agribusiness. This was way before the opposition declared a series of demonstrations against the rising cost of living.


Claims that the image shows the situation in Muthurwa market during the July 2023 demonstrations are FALSE.

This fact-check was edited by Piga Firimbi Fact-Checking Editor Linda Ngari.

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