Did Mt. Longonot Erupt on October 27, 2022?

This tweet shared from a verified Road Alerts Kenya account claims that Mt Longonot erupted on the night of October 27, 2022. On the morning of October 28, 2022, Twitter was awash with these claims with some even sharing videos of the supposed eruption.


Mt Longonot is one of Kenya’s extinct volcanic mountains. The thick forest within its crater, the exquisite view of the Rift Valley all the way Lake Naivasha from the crater’s rim and wildlife like buffaloes, lions, leopards, common zebra, Grant’s gazelles, bushbucks and elands are just some of the reasons why Mt Longonot is a hot spot for domestic and international tourists.

In March, 2009, 4,600 hectares of bushland in Mt Longonot was razed down in a bushfire. Bushfires are common during the dry seasons and with the spontaneity being experienced with rainfall plants and trees are drying up and are likely to be ignited naturally.


The Kenya Wildlife Service, through a tweet, refuted claims of the eruption. They clarified that what was seen in videos circulated on various media was of a fire outbreak on the southern side of Mt. Longonot National Park. An emergency response team was dispatched to contain the fire which was since put out. The fire destroyed 40 hectares of bushland.


Claims on the Mt Longonot eruption are FALSE.

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