Is This Mass Recruitment at World Vision Kenya Genuine?

By Naomi Wanjiku

This website article claims that there is mass recruitment at World Vision Kenya.

World Vision is a global community consisting of millions whose goal is to change the lives of vulnerable children. The organisation has offices in almost 100 countries and over 34,000 staff.

The website article claims the humanitarian organisation is in mass and urgent recruitment because it’s establishing regional offices and branches in the 47 counties of Kenya.

“Before the setup of offices which will commence from October 2021, we are looking for volunteers who will help us in data collection by filling questionnaires in every ward per county across the country,” a section of the article states.

Further, the article states that the organisation will recruit five people per ward in every county, not on merit but on a first-come, first-serve basis. This assertion is a red flag that the job ad could be a hoax.

Those interested are urged to make an online application on or before 18 July 2021. The job ad further states that shortlisted candidates will be paid a daily wage of Ksh 2,500, and those in hardship areas will receive Ksh 3,500 for 35 days.

An application form is provided on the website for interested applicants to fill in their details. What caught our attention was that all first-time applicants are asked to pay a registration fee of Ksh 400 which is refundable if you fail to get the job.

“​​Note: Only applicants who have paid the registration fee will be considered,” applicants are cautioned.

A telephone number is provided on the website where applicants are supposed to send the registration fee. The number is registered under Miss Agnes who is the alleged chief recruitment officer.

Additionally, applicants are asked to fill out their personal information on an application form. This looks like a phishing attempt as applicants are asked to provide their name, national ID number, gender, the county, constituency and ward they reside in, and the M-Pesa code they receive after paying the registration fee.


World Vision Kenya, through its official Twitter and Facebook pages, has flagged the recruitment drive as fake.

“FAKE JOBS ALERT: Kindly note that the information below, doing the rounds on social media, is false. All World Vision Kenya jobs are advertised here:…” the organisation wrote on Twitter.

World Vision Kenya also flagged the website article on their Facebook page and warned job seekers that it does not outsource its recruitment process to any organisation or agency.

“World Vision will only use approved and reputable executive search firms (exception basis only). Legitimate job advertisements are only posted on our careers site ( and/or on World Vision Support Office websites,” the organisation cautioned.

PesaCheck also ran a whois search of the site that posted the fake job advertisement and discovered that it is not the official World Vision Kenya website.

The website with the fake job ad is registered under the domain, whereas the original World Vision site is registered under the domain,

Another red flag is that the website with the fake job ad was registered on 12 July 2021, while the legitimate World Vision website was registered on 6 July 1993.

A screenshot of a whois search of the website with the fake job ad.


A screenshot of a whois search of the official World Vision website.


PesaCheck has looked into a website article claiming World Vision Kenya is conducting mass recruitment and finds it to be a HOAX.

This story was produced by Africa Uncensored in partnership with Code for Africa with support from Deutsche Welle Akademie.

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