Does This Video Illustrate What Mars Looks Like?

A tweet published on February 19 claims to show footage of what the Mars planet looks like.

The tweet that was viewed over 4,000 times and reshared more than 42,000 times was met by mixed reactions, including a reply claiming that the video apparently showcases a desert where a Mars rover was tested.


The latest rover landed on Mars on February 18, 2021. Dubbed the ‘Perseverance rover‘, the February 18th expedition ran by America’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), touched down on the Jezero Crater in Mars. The Perseverance rover also bore a helicopter called Ingenuity, which is being used to test the deployment of the first flight of an aircraft onto another world.


After a frame-by-frame fragmentation of the images on the video shared on Twitter, Piga Frimbi found a similar video through a Google image reverse search. The video that was published on the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’ YouTube Channel in March 2020 illustrates what planet Mars looks like based on a panorama from a 2012 expedition, as taken by the Curiosity Rover. This is also stated in a fact-check published on the Mashable website, which indicates that the video shows imagery from a “plethora of rich, vivid Mars imagery” that the Curiosity Rover has captured over the years. The Curiosity Rover landed on the Gale Crater of Mars in August 2012.

At the same time, a Kazakhstan-based news website called Kazakhstan Today also featured the video while falsely claiming that it shows images from NASA’s Perseverance Rover.


The tweet containing a video illustrating what Mars looks like is TRUE.

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