Is This Video of MPs Fighting from Malawi’s Parliament?

This video of members of Parliament fighting bearing the name ‘Malawi Parliament’ on the 6th of March 2020 has been making rounds on Twitter.


Fights in Parliament have been reported the world over. From Turkey to Ukraine to Lesotho to South Africa to neighbouring Uganda and even in Kenya.

The Parliament of Malawi is the supreme legislative body in Malawi. Situated in the capital city, Lilongwe, it is composed of members of Parliament that are elected directly in single-member constituencies. Currently, it is composed of 193 Members representing the 193 constituencies. The current speaker is the Rt. Honourable Richard Mwosoya.

But was there a brawl between legislators at the parliament in question as the video above alleges?


A YouTube search shows the video appeared in reports as early as September 27th, 2017 in the Ugandan parliament.

The fight was as a result of one of the members of Parliament showing up to the chambers armed. This was followed by the suspension of 25 MPs by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga and forceful ejection from the chambers.

The suspended MPs were mostly from the opposition and had demanded that the minister be disarmed ahead of the debate on the scrapping of Article 102 (b) from the Constitution that bars people above 75 years from contesting for the presidency.

The video also clearly shows one man waving the Ugandan flag amidst the chaos.


The video of legislators fighting is not from Malawi parliament and the claim is therefore false.

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