Did Locust Spray Kill Camels in Saudi Arabia?

This post was shared online with claims that Saudi Environmental activists reported over 10,000 camels were poisoned in Saudi Arabia after eating plants sprayed with locust spray. The post going further claimed that 100s of camels have died so far as per time of the post which was on 22nd February 2020.


Though the governments have not come clear on the types of chemicals used to spray the locusts, most chemicals used to spray locusts like fipronil act on the locusts’ nervous system.

According to research, fipronil kills 80% of the locust but leaves 95% of the ground uncontaminated.

America’s Environmental Policy Agency (EPA) classifies fipronil as “Group C – possible human carcinogenic”. It also warns that it is highly toxic to honeybees.


Using video verification tools, we are able to ascertain that this video has been in circulation as early as April 2015 from Idlib Khanate in Syria.


Claims that that locust spray killed camels in Saudi Arabia is FALSE.

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