Has President Kenyatta Gifted His Lookalike a Car?

A tweet published on August 13 claims that President Uhuru Kenyatta has allegedly gifted his lookalike, Michael Njogo Gitonga, a Toyota Lexus car.

The tweet, in classic KOT (Kenyans on Twitter) jargon, refers to President Kenyatta as Jayden. A name that has severally been used online while referring to the president.


Michael Gitonga, who is the spitting image of President Kenyatta on August 9 came to the limelight when K24 TV featured him from his home in Umoja area, Nairobi. The man said that he is often mistaken for the president, with people saying that he must be a close relative of the president, while others seek cash handouts from him as they would from the president.


A Google Image Reverse Search reveals that the photos showing Gitonga inside a car started circulating on August 13. Maridady Motors, a company dealing in car sales, shared the images via its Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Contrary to the tweet claiming that the image shows a car that Gitonga was gifted by president Kenyatta, Maridady Motors issued a statement on August 14, confirming that the images originate from them.

Maridady Motors CEO, who is in the statement identified by one name, Eric, states that the company intends to gift Gitonga with a car that he would use for a taxi business. However, Gitonga yet to officially own the car because Maridady Motors has reportedly organized training and counselling for Gitonga, which would precede handing over the car.

Gitonga, through a video, said that he had reached an agreement with Maridady Motors and will be granted ownership of the car in two weeks.

The type of car promised has not been revealed by the motors company or Gitonga.

At the same time, the ‘State House Kenya’ Facebook and Twitter accounts, which routinely post information regarding the Office of the President, do not contain any information about a gift given to Gitonga.


Photos showing Michael Njogo Gitonga, who is President Kenyatta’s lookalike, in a car originate from Maridady Motors Facebook and Twitter accounts, with no affiliations to President Kenyatta and his office, making the claim that the president has gifted Mr Gitonga with a Toyota Lexus FALSE.

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