Does This Image Show Kenyans Arrested With Human Skeleton?

This tweet, claims that the men pictured were allegedly arrested with human bones. It further adds that the men were supposedly going to make bracelets from the skeleton.


Bone carving for jewellery in Kenya is done as a way of recycling waste, especially animal bones. Legally, nobody is allowed to exhume a body or remains of a deceased person without a permit. Section 146 of the Public Act mandates that the permit is granted to a legal personal representative, next of kin or a duly authorized agent of the person buried.


Google reverse image searches show this image was taken in Adamawa State, which borders Cameroon to the East. The men pictured confessed to digging up the skeletons for sale, for almost five million Cameroonian franc. The police also apprehended suspected buyers of these skulls. Another article with similar details shows, alongside these men, three other people were also arrested in connection to this crime.


This image DOES NOT show Kenyans arrested in possession of human skulls.

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