Did the Kenya Fisheries Service Pay 11 Million for Unoccupied Offices?

A tweet claims that the Kenya Fisheries Service has been paying rent for an unoccupied office since 2018.


The Kenyan government instituted agencies to oversee and facilitate operations in various sectors, with these agencies having a full-time staff and an operational budget. While some continue to enjoy full monetary support from the treasury, others are on the verge of collapse due to underfunding while majority are reported to be among corrupt government departments.


Auditor General Nancy Gathungu said that the Fisheries corporation had spent Sh11,295,260 in rent for office space on the 13th floor of the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) building for the financial year 2018/19 and the last two quarters, according to a Business Daily report.

An audit verification exercise on November 25, 2019 revealed that the said space had been vacant for 21 months since February 1, 2018 with only the boardroom being used in the period. The department explained that the delay in utilising the space was due to the unavailability of a budget to procure furniture. The Auditor-General deemed the response as unsatisfactory in regard to the time and expenditure incurred.


The claim that the Kenya Fisheries Service paid over Sh 11 million in rent for an office that remained unoccupied due to lack of furniture is therefore TRUE.

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