Is KenGen Giving Away Cash Prices for its 65th Anniversary?

By Morara Vimal

This advertisement claims to give away cash in celebration of KenGen Kenya’s 65th anniversary. The advertisement is doing rounds on Whatsapp groups and some individual accounts.


Links with similar promises of cash gifts in celebration of eminent companies’ sham anniversaries have previously been found to be fakes as debunked by Piga Firimbi here and here.

The fake promotions manifest gestures of correlating behaviour, as they claim to celebrate organizations’ anniversaries. Interested applicants are required to fill out questions on surveys and share the link extensively before redeeming the alleged rewards. These are bait scams.


This promotion advert does not appear on official platforms of KenGen Kenya. Its website, Facebook or Twitter accounts where the kind of announcements would ordinarily be made.

A WhoIs search of the link going round divulged that the website’s registrant is based in China, and turns out to differ from the organization’s legitimate website. (See screengrab below).


The posts claiming to advertise a promotion by KenGen Kenya are FAKE.

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