Is the Kenyan Government Offering Kshs 4,100 Support?

The above is a screenshot of a message being shared widely on WhatsApp claiming that the Kenyan government is offering Kshs 4,100 support.


As COVID-19 continues to spread, many governments have turned to providing relief to some of their citizens to cushion them against the economic hardships during the pandemic.

The link takes you to a website whereby one is asked to select if they are an official, worker or unemployed.


One is then asked to select if they are married, single or divorced. The last question is selecting the method one prefers for withdrawing the money. After that the site says one has been approved and asks you to forward the message to 5 groups or 15 friends to get a withdrawal code.


A search on the URL shows that it is hosted by Namecheap Inc in the US and was created on 17th January 2021. The ownership information is protected.

On the other hand, all government websites end with a while this one uses a .com domain. There is also no such directive on any government websites or local media.

The above websites closely resemble other phishing scams like this one, whereby they take advantage to steal peoples bank details. These types of scam have become very popular on WhatsApp targeting not only government institutions but also major brands worldwide.


The claim that the Kenyan government is offering Kshs 4,100 support is therefore FALSE.

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